Tribal Climate Bringing Tribes Together

Tribal Climate Was Founded To Bring Native American Tribes Together

tribal-climate-changeTribal Climate was created in order to bring Native American Tribes together in order to discuss Global Warming and the issues it brings to our world. Tribal Climate host a conference each year where local tribes can get together

Tribal climate representatives from the Southwest, Northwest, Midwest, and even Alaska met with political leaders, climate scientists, and representatives of non-governmental organizations on the Cocopah Reservation to exchange strategies and solutions designed to address global warming. The National Wildlife Federation is reaching out to Native Americans to collect their stories and first-hand accounts about fish, wildlife, and natural resources that have been affected by increasing levels of carbon in the atmosphere and climate change.

“Native Americans can provide key inspiration regarding global warming and its impact on our world,” said Garrit Voggesser, manager of the National Wildlife Federation’s Tribal Lands Conservation Program. “[And they can] unite broad stakeholder support and demonstrate actions that alleviate global warming impacts.”

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